Man Looking at the Sun

15 Summer Essentials Every Guy Needs

While winter is for layering, fabrics, and textures, summer is all about getting the perfect balance of style and comfort.

To prepare your summer wardrobe I have composed 15 items that can be effortlessly combined to keep you looking stylish.

1) Sunglasses

With the sun high in the sky, you will need to protect your eyes from the harsh UV-rays. Pick up a pair of classic aviators or wayfarers to improve your summer shades game.

Aviators Sunglasses

2) Polo Shirt

You really can’t go wrong with a well-tailored polo shirt. You can slip into a polo shirt at any time, and you’ll surely raise your summer style game. If you want to look sharper or classier, a polo is your best choice.

3) Boat Shoes

No one wants to wear socks when its blisteringly hot outside, but most shoes just don’t feel good without them. Cue the boat shoe. Pair them with a nice pair of shorts and a polo to attain the perfect summer casual look.

4) White Jeans

White jeans are tricky. They are hard to keep clean, and they need to be worn with confidence. When you are ready to take the plunge, combine them with a pair of stylish sneakers and a casual shirt for maximum summer comfort.

5) NATO Strap Watch

Leather watch straps might become uncomfortable during the summer time. Instead, switch out your leather straps for fabric straps. Any color strap will immediately transform your watch into a casual summer watch.

Nato Watch Straps

6) Baseball Cap

Picking up a baseball cap for the summer is an easy and stylish way to protect your face from the harsh summer sun. Combine it with a cool pair of sunglasses and a casual outfit to look stylish and protected.

7) Fitted Tank Top

Suns out guns out! This is what you’ve been training for all winter and its finally here. To show off all the gains you’ve made in the last year, pick up a couple of fitted tank tops. Make sure it fits nice and snug in the chest while being looser around the waist. Go wild with the colors and designs, you deserve this!

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8) Fitted T-Shirts

Summer is all about casual t-shirts! The perfect t-shirt is one which fits snug around the chest, shows off your biceps, and is a little loose around the waist. Try to stay away from basic crew neck t-shirts, instead look for a slight V-neck, or a breast pocket.

9) Casual Belts

There are a variety of casual belts ranging from extravagant leather design belts to woven fabric belts. For the casual summer look, I stick with casual leather belts and throw in a few bold color fabric belts to spice up and dress down an outfit.

Two Casual Belts

10) Board Shorts

When it comes to swim shorts, too much is always a bad look. Too short and you’ll look like a chick, too long, and you’ll look like you shrunk 2 feet. Classic board shorts are the way to go here. If you stick with shorts ending just a couple inches above the knee, you’ll be golden!

11) Lightweight Oxfords

We all sweat, and the heat only makes it worse. Combat the summer heat with lighter colors and breathable fabrics. This is especially important for flannel and dress shirts such as Oxfords. Look for lighter fabrics such as linen and cotton.

12) Colorful Chinos

Lightweight and more stylish than jeans, the Chino is your go to pair of pants for the summer. Chinos come in a wild variety of colors; Olive Green, Maroon Red, Sky Blue. The choices are endless. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to push your boundaries!

Stack of Colored Chinos

13) Fitted Shorts

There is nothing more versatile on a hot summer day than a pair of slim fit shorts. Whether you’re going to a company BBQ, or hitting downtown with your friends, a fitted pair of shorts will always make you look stylish.

14) Stylish Sneakers

During summer, the boots go in the closet and the sneakers come out. Lightweight and breathable sneakers are your best choice. Whether you prefer canvas, Jordans or even Yeezys is completely up to you! My personal favorite is the white canvas sneaker.

15) Short Sleeve Henley

Last but definitely not least, the short sleeve Henley. One of the sexiest shirts in a man’s summer time wardrobe. The best way to wear a Henley is unbuttoned till mid chest level. My personal favorite is the classic three button Henley in white!

I hope these 15 items help you maintain your style through the summer! Did I miss any summer essentials? Let me know in the comments!

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