11 Men’s Fall Style Essentials

With the sun disappearing behind the clouds, the temperature suddenly dropping, the leaves starting to change color, and the days of shorts and t-shirts are gone, fall is finally here. But fear not, because fall is the season of boots, leathers, and sweaters. Man’s favorite fashion and style season is quickly approaching, and here are 11 essential items for every stylish man!

1) Boots

Mens Chukka Fall Boots

The temperature is dropping, and your feet are starting to become cold in those lightweight sneakers and loafers. It’s finally time to take your boots out of the closet or pick up a new pair at the store! Boots come in all kinds of varieties, from dressier Allen Edmonds all the way to rugged Timberland work boots. Picking the right boot for you depends entirely on your job and daily activities, but a pair of suede or leather Chukka boots will fit in everyone’s fall wardrobe.

2) Sweaters

Sweaters are everyone’s favorite layering item. Lightweight crew or V-neck sweaters are a staple in men’s fall style. Nothing beats layering a great sweater over a dress shirt for a warm business casual look. And layering a sweater underneath a denim or leather jacket creates the ultimate fall outdoor look. Choose a lightweight sweater if you’re planning to layer and look for a more fashionable sweater if you’re choosing to go casual with just a sweater and jeans.

3) Dark Jeans

Mens Fall Dark Jeans

While summer is all about lighter colors, such as blue and white, fall is all about the dark colors. When picking up a pair of jeans, choose colors such as grey, black, and navy. These darker colors pair wonderfully with sweaters and boots, as well as accentuating leathers and accessories. When picking out a pair of jeans, look for slim fit, or a tapered fit. Nothing can destroy an outfit faster than big baggy jeans.

4) Denim Jacket

The denim jacket has gained tremendous popularity over recent years, and for good reason. Denim jackets are an absolute staple in every stylish man’s wardrobe. They can be layered with anything from t-shirts to sweaters depending on the temperature, plus they work well with both jeans and chinos. For an extra style upgrade, throw in a pair of suede or leather boots!

5) Leather Jacket

Mens Fall Leather Jackets

Here it is, the absolute number one in men’s fall outdoor wear, the leather jacket. Popularized by Hollywood and perfected by every fashionable and stylish man in the world, the black or brown leather jacket is a timeless and great option for fall. Leather jackets pair beautifully with the fall colors and are a ton of fun to layer with. When purchasing a leather jacket, make sure to size down if possible. A leather jacket should fit snug and become a little looser over time, as is true with all leathers. Nothing looks worse than a cheap box-fitted leather jacket!

6) Hoodies

While hoodies aren’t always the most stylish, they work very well during the fall. Hoodies can easily be layered underneath denim or leather jackets for a warm outdoor casual outfit. When shopping for hoodies, look for a lightweight zip-up hoodie. These are the easiest to layer, and they don’t require you to size up on the jackets you choose to layer over top!

7) Leather Belt

Mens Fall Leather Belt

While canvas and fabric belts are still a great option, the fall season brings the leather belt back into rotation. All belts are not made for the same purpose, so make sure you purchase the right belt for the right occasion. While thin belts are perfect for professional or business casual outfits, thicker belts are great for a more casual and outdoorsy look. Just remember to always match your belt to your shoes!

8) Scarves

There is nothing more fashionable than accessorizing, and the best fall accessory, without a doubt, is the lightweight scarf. Not only does it upgrade your outfit instantly, it also keeps your neck nice and warm. During the fall season you don’t want to go with thick wool scarves because these are reserved for the freezing cold days of winter. A thin lightweight scarf worn overtop a thicker sweater looks absolutely phenomenal!

9) Leather Watch

Mens Fall Leather Watch

Watches are the perfect way to accessorize any outfit, and as mentioned before, leather is autumn’s best friend. Purchase watchstraps that match or accentuate your existing outfits. This way you don’t have to build an outfit around a watch, but you use the watch as an accessory. This makes it a lot easier to wear and costs a whole lot less money in the long run. I recommend sticking with black and brown leathers in a variety of finishes to match any occasion!

10) Long Sleeve Henley

Here it is again, the Henley. During the summer it’s best to stick with short sleeve Henley shirts, but now that the sun doesn’t shine as bright, it’s time to bring out those long sleeve Henley shirts. They are great for layering, as well as just lounging about at home. Don’t forget to roll up your sleeves to show off a little forearm, the ladies love it!

11) Blazer or Sport Coat

Mens Fall Blazer Jacket

While wearing a blazer during the summer is possible, you will often choose to take it off and just walk or sit around in a shirt or dress shirt. It simply gets too hot to wander around in a jacket all day. Fortunately for every stylish man, the temperature drops just enough during the fall that your favorite blazer is the perfect jacket to wear during your day-to-day activities. Sport coats are also a great option during the fall, they are a little less formal but work remarkably well in dressing up some of your more casual fall outfits!

Men’s fall style is all about natural colors, layering, and leathers. Whether you’re rocking a leather jacket over a sweater, a blazer over a Henley, or a scarf over a denim jacket, you’re going to look phenomenal in the fall with any of these 11 items!

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With fall quickly approaching, what are you most excited about wearing? Let me hear it in the comments!