7 Men’s Fashion Items Better Bought Cheap

There are men’s fashion items that look and fit better when bought luxury. Items such as watches, dress shoes, and suits are great examples of what you should never skimp on. But then there are items that you simply shouldn’t waste your hard-earned money on. These items either aren’t much better than their luxury counter-parts, break or wear easily, or just aren’t worth the extra money.

Here are 7 men’s fashion items that you should NEVER buy luxury!

1) Socks

Never buy Luxury Socks

Socks are a great way to express yourself, especially when having to wear professional or business casual outfits. Unfortunately, your socks are hidden by your shoes and your pants about 90 percent of the time, and they wear easily when worn all day.

While having proper socks for specific occasions is important, no one needs to spend upwards of $40 for a single pair of socks. You can easily find single pairs for less than $10 at discount stores, or variety packs at any department store for less than $30, that will get the job done. Now of course there is such a thing as going too cheap on socks: you don’t want to purchase super thin socks simply because they’re cheap. These provide no support for your feet and could cause issues over time. Striking a balance between cost and quality is perfect!

2) Under-shirts

Never Buy Luxury White Under Shirts

Let’s face it, the only reason you buy under-shirts is to protect your expensive dress shirts from sweat stains. As a result, your under-shirts will absorb the majority of sweat and will start forming sweat stains extremely quickly, especially if you’ve chosen to wear white under-shirts.

Knowing all of this, there is absolutely no reason to spend upwards of $50 on a single under-shirt. When I got my first office job, I would go to Costco to buy multiple sets of 3-pack under-shirts. Those 3-pack shirts ran me about $6 per shirt and protected my dress shirts just fine! Luxury plain under-shirts are no better at absorbing sweat than the $5 Costco shirts, and they wear out just as fast.

3) Tank Tops

Never Buy Luxury Tank Tops

Tank tops literally consist of two small pieces of fabric sewn together front to back. The materials are usually the same, and the only differences tend to be the design, and whether it has a chest pocket or not. Paying upwards of $60 for a designer tank top is simply outrageous.

Hopping into Target or your local department store gives you plenty of cheap options for great tank tops, all of which will show off your hard work in the gym just fine. The only exception to the rule would be tank tops with designs from your favorite movies, video games or designs by internet celebrities. These tend to be a little pricier, around the $15-$25 range, yet are still miles below a $60 designer tank top.

4) Denim Jackets

Never Buy Luxury Denim Jackets

While you can easily spot a cheap pair of denim jeans, the quality of cheap denim jackets is a lot harder to spot. Cheap jeans will wear and tear quickly due to the poor quality and the stress of daily leg movements. But relatively cheap denim jackets don’t have to endure quite as much stress or tension throughout the day.

The differences between a $70-$100 denim jacket from J.Crew or the GAP, and a $300-$400 jacket from Ralph Lauren are so slight, that it simply isn’t worth the money. Oftentimes, the luxury jackets will have scuffs or wear and tear designs on them, but honestly these little marks just aren’t worth paying $200 more.

5) Hats

Never Buy Luxury Hates or Baseball Caps

When I say hats, I mean all types of hats. From baseball caps to beanies, there is no reason to spend upwards of $150 for a designer beanie. Hats are there to protect you from the elements, such as harsh sunrays, rain and snow. As a result, they wear out quickly by either losing their form, discoloring, or simply causing tears in the fabric.

If you want to rep your favorite sports team or brand you can easily find hats in the $20-$30-dollar range at dedicated hat stores or online. And if you don’t care much about sports or a logo on your hat, you can easily find generic hats online or in department stores for less than $10 a pop.

If you’re looking for something other than a baseball cap or beanie, the same principle applies, but the price ranges are a bit higher. The only exceptions are cowboy, or western hats. Authentic western hats are made from fur felt and cheap models just don’t cut it and may end up looking tacky.

6) Belts

Never Buy Luxury Belts

Just like hats, under-shirts, and socks, belts are made to be worn. Whether the belt is made from leather, fabric, or something else entirely, it is generally worn to keep your pants up. Your pants are being pulled down by gravity and held up by the belt causing the belt to deform at the loops and tear at the holes. Over time, the belt will stop functioning optimally and is better off trashed.

When wearing the same belt daily, this wear and tear occurs extremely quickly, especially when more stress is put on the belt by phones, wallets, or keys in the pockets. Because of this it’s very cost prohibitive to spend upwards of $300 for a designer belt at Nordstrom’s. It is much better to spend about $30-$50 on a few different belts. This allows you to rotate them out and gives them all a much longer lifespan!

7) Athletic Clothes

Never Buy Luxury Gym Clothes or Athletic Gear

Last but certainly not least, we have athletic gear. Gym shorts, hoodies, sweatpants, it is all included here. Designer versions of these can reach ridiculous prices. Paying over $70 for gym shorts or over $150 for hoodies or sweatpants is outrageous! For that price I’d expect them to help me lift more or run a faster mile.

Going into your local department store or discount store you can find great athletic gear such as Nike, Puma or Adidas shorts for less than $20. The same goes for hoodies and other athletic clothes. You can easily find awesome deals if you are willing to wait for them. Deals such as $30 hoodies and pants at Gymshark, or anything from your favorite brands at Dick’s or your local department store!

Dressing well can get pricey and knowing what to spend your hard-earned money on is tough. Hopefully this list makes it a little bit easier to know where to save some money and where to spend the big bucks. If you’re looking to expand your current wardrobe or are just about to start creating your own stylish wardrobe, check out these 9 items every man should own!